80 Useful Travel Lover Gift Ideas for 2024

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If you are looking for what to gift someone who likes to travel, then this holiday gift guide is for you! As a frequent flyer myself, I am sharing 80 travel lover gift ideas for anyone at any price. This guide includes everything from small presents like a passport holder and large gifts, like a new luggage set.

I have broken up this list into eight different categories of gifts. These include luggage, gadgets, books, home décor camping equipment, clothes, toiletries, and accessory gift ideas for people who like to travel.

Many of these items are tried and true travel essentials for me, and others are gifts that are on my own wish list! If you need travel lover gift ideas for the holidays or any time of year, this guide has you covered.

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Travel Lover Gift Ideas

Luggage Gift Ideas

Frequent travelers know the best luggage is essential when traveling and the cost can add up. Whether you want to gift your loved one a new suitcase or travel hacks for making packing easier, they will appreciate it. This section includes packing and luggage gift ideas for travel lovers, from suitcases to packing essentials.

Travelpro Suitcase // A reliable suitcase is a must when traveling and that is why I rely on a trusted brand like TravelPro. We have been using this suitcase on long trips for five years and it has held up great. If you prefer hardside luggage, the Samsonite Freeform gets rave reviews yearly.

Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack // For those who rather carry on their bag, the Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack is perfect. They were kind enough to send me one and I am amazed by how much it holds! You can pack it liek a suitcase and stay organized with all the different compartments

Crossbody Anti-Theft Purse // Everyone has heard travel horror stories of pickpocketers that are common in tourist destinations. I brought this purse on a cruise and it was comfortable, stylish and ideal for preventing any pickpocketing.

Fanny Pack // Another option besides a purse for keeping belongings safe while traveling is a fanny pack! I like to bring one with me if I don’t need to carry much or I am doing something active, like hiking.

Collapsible Cooler // If I have the room, I like to take a collapsible cooler on beach vacations. Too many times I have gotten to a destination and realized I don’t have  a way to keep my drinks cold at the beach or my food cold for a hike. If you have a travel cooler like this, you do not have to worry about buying a crappy styrofoam cooler at your destination!

Packing Cubes // I finally got packing cubes for our trip to Seattle and really wish I had bought them sooner! They save so much suitcase room and keep things organized.

Jewelry Travel Case // Another packing essential to gift travel lovers is a jewelry organizer. This small case can store a variety of jewelry and keep it from getting tangled, lost or stolen during a trip.

Travel Bottles for Liquids // This package of travel bottles is perfect for taking your soap and shampoo on the go! They are leak proof, but also have an additional case so you don’t have to worry about spills.

Luggage Tags // Every travel lover needs a way to quickly identity their bag and these cute luggage tags stand out in a good way!

Luggage Scale // A travel lover gift ideas guide would not be complete without a luggage scale! This gift would be a life saver for any over packer worried about their suitcase being too heavy.

Gadgets for Travel Lover Gift Ideas

Every travel lover has a few gadgets they cannot leave home without! Whether its camera equipment of electronics for entertainment, I always find myself looking for new tech to make traveling better. Here are some gadgets for travel lovers that make excellent presents.

Portable Charger // There’s nothing worse than running out of a phone battery while you are out exploring a new place! I always carry this portable charger with me to charge my phone on the go.

Outlet Adapter // For those traveling abroad, they will need outlet adapters. This one is handy for plugging in and being able to use your devices.

Airpods // It took me a while, but I finally got Airpods last year and now I get the hype! These really are the best headphones you can get and the noise cancelling feature is so nice on the plane.

DJI Drone // For travel photos and videos, the DJI drone has been a total game changer for us! This lightweight drone is easy to fly and gets amazing views from above.

Phone Tripod // For a couple that travels together, a tripod is a must! This is the only way Andrew and I get pictures that aren’t selfies together.

Gimbal Stabilizier // You could take it a step farther and get a gimbal that works as a tripod and a stabilizer. This is ideal for taking videos that aren’t shaky!

Waterproof Phone Pouch // For water sports enthusiasts, a waterproof phone carrier is a must! I bring this one with me paddleboarding and too the beach all the time.

GoPro Hero // If you want to get action shots, a GoPro is the best way to capture them on video! We always bring this scuba diving with us to get amazing videos of fish and sea creatures.

Electronics Organizer // With all these gadgets for travel, you need a way to organize them. I like this case, which can store a tablet, chargers, power adapter and more.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker // Andrew and I like bringing a spear with us when we travel, especially if we stay at an Airbnb. This way you can listen to music in the room or at the beach while traveling!

Books for People Who Love Traveling

As a travel enthusiast, I love receiving books full of travel ideas. I own most of books below and can vouch for them as excellent travel lover gift ideas. Here are ten books full of travel inspiration that make for a great present.

Where To Go When // This is probably my favorite travel book, as it is full of amazing destinations and exact tips for visiting them. The ideas for when to visit are especially helpful.

1,000 Places to See Before You Die // Another awesome travel book I have is 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. There are so many unique ideas for each country and stunning pictures to go with it.

36 Hours // Weekend travelers will enjoy the New York Times book 36 Hours. This gives tips for fitting as much in as possible in a weekend trip at places in the US and Canada.

Drives of a Lifetime // I got Andrew this book a few years ago, filled with breathtaking drives all over the world. This is a fun present for people who like road trips and scenic drives.

50 States 5000 Ideas // Travel lovers in the US will appreciate this book full of ideas for traveling around the country. With the pandemic making international travel more difficult, this book is especially helpful right now.

The 4-Hour Work Week // I recently read this book and though I did not agree with all Timothy Ferriss’ ideas, I found it to have tons of actionable tips. Tim has made travel and unique experiences a big part of his life and he has lots of great idea for doing the same, even with a full time job!

100 Hikes of a Lifetime // If you are looking for a gift ideas for any hikers in your life, I recommend this book. it is full of inspirations and cool pictures that hikers of any skill level will enjoy.

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs // This is another book that Andrew got as a present and probably his favorite on this list. The author talks about how to reconnect to natural world and skills for being a better camper, hiker and traveler.

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small // For travel lovers with a bucket list, this book is great for finding ideas! You can have it displayed on a coffee table ready to give ideas whenever someone needs inspiration.

Wanderlust Passport Travel Journal // One of my top travel lover gift ideas is a travel journal. The Wanderlust Passport jounral can be used to keep track of past adventures and makes for so much fun to look back on.

Leave Only Footprints // Andrew and I listened to this book while driving on our road trip and loved it! The authors provides insight into every national park while weaving stories about his life on the road.

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Home and Décor Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Most avid travelers still like to think about travel, even when they are stuck at home! This next section has ideas for travel décor to liven up a house. From kitchen items to wall art, here are ten travel lover gift ideas to get for home décor.

Lovepop Card // If your loved one is planning or taking a trip, send them a “Just Because” Lovepop card to express your excitement and love for them. There are all sorts of styles from beachy cards to adventurous cards to even Disney-themed ones for theme park enthusiasts. After receiving the card, they can display it on a shelf or desk as a special reminder.

Custom Vintaprints Poster // One heartfelt gift you can give a traveler is to turn an epic picture of theirs into a work of art! Vintaprints takes photos and turns them into vintage travel posters that look awesome hanging on the wall.

Scratch Off Map // Every travel lovers wants to show off their adventures. This scratch off map is perfect for putting on display all the countries they have visited.

Outdoorsy Candle // For those who rather be off on an adventure, these outdoorsy candles smell like nature. Whether they prefer the smell of the desert or a campfire, lighting one of these will evoke their favorite way to explore.

Urban Map Glass // To remind a travel lover of their favorite city, get them one of these urban map glasses! I got Andrew the San Diego one and now he thinks of our amazing trip there every time he has some whiskey.

Vintage Travel Poster Calendar // I love the look of vintage travel posters and I know I am not the only one! For a travel lover gift idea that looks great in an office or bedroom, give this calendar in one of its many styles.

City Pillow // Another fun present for travel lovers with a favorite city are these pillows, They are hand embroidered with different attractions from each city and look so cute on a couch.

Suitcase Ornament // I think this ornament is a cute way to add a touch of travel to a Christmas tree. Bring this as a present for a travel lover or even better, an ornament from their favorite destination!

Travel Cutting Board // If you know a travel lover who enjoys cooking, gift them a cutting board of their favorite state to visit! This way they can be reminded of a trip every time they are prepping a meal.

A Decorative Globe // There’s nothing like a globe to remind someone how much of this big blue earth there is to see. This travel lover gift idea is ideal for someone to add to their desk or bedroom.

Travel Coasters // Another great way to infuse adventuring spirit into a home is with these coasters. They look great on a coffee table and remind a travel lover of their favorite activity.

50 States Frame // One of my favorite travel lover gift ideas is this 50 States frame. Every time they visit a state, they can add a picture to the frame from their trip. Perfect for keeping track and looking back on adventures!

Travel Gift Ideas for Campers

Many travel lovers enjoy camping and this next section is for them! Some of these are big ticket items that will be used for years on camping trips and others are small accessories that campers will be thankful to have on hand. This could be a whole list on its own, but here are some starter camping-focused travel lover gift ideas

Two Person Tent // for couples who like camping, this is one of the best tents you can find. Gift this and you can be rest assured that they will be comfy and safe in this tent.

Sleeping Bag // My husband used this sleeping bag on this climb up Mt Rainier and found it to be warm and lightweight. This mummy sleeping bag is one of the best travel lover gift ideas for any camping trip.

Camping Pillow // This pillow is great for camping and traveling in general, as it compresses down to a small size. The foam filling expands and has a soft cover for a peaceful nights sleep.

LifeStraw Water Filter // Don’t let the travel lover in your life ever be without water with this LifeStraw! The filter removes all toxins so you can get a drink of water from any river, pond or even puddle in an emergency.

Cutlery Set // For the ultimate camping kitchen, this cutlery set is an awesome travel lover gift idea. There are plates, bowls, utensils, a pot and a pan for making a tasty meal at a campsite.

Insulated Mug // Whether they want to keep their beverage hot or cold, this Yeti mug will do the trick. We use them for coffee even at home, but this is essential for camping.

Travel Hammock // For those who want to relax in the great outdoors, this hammock makes it easy to do. It packs down into a small pack and can be easily hung up between two trees.

Multitool // You can never be too prepared when camping and this multi tool makes sure of it. With a knife, saw, pliers, bottle opener and more, you never have to worry about your travel lover out in the wilderness.

Headlamp // Many don’t realize how dark the outdoors are until they are out there camping without electricity. Give a travel lover this head lamp so they can always find a light when they need one.

Marshmallow Roasting Kit // What’s a camping trip without smores? Young and old will enjoy these roasting sticks next time they go camping.

Clothes Ideas to Gift Travel Lovers

This next section has some clothing that makes for stylish travel lover gift ideas. Some of these items are clothing items that are ideal for people who like to travel. Others are every day clothing ideas to remind the wearer of their travels. No matter which you are interested, here are ten wearable travel lover gift ideas.

Rain Jacket // No travel lover should leave without a trusty rain jacket and risk rain ruining their day. Andrew and I both have the North Face Venture jacket and find it to be comfortable and lightweight for rainy travel days.

Destination Shirt // For a cute reminder of a fun trip, get your travel lover a t-shirt with the destination on it. Etsy has a variety of customizable options for a memorable travel lover gift idea.

Wide Brim Sun Hat // It never hurts to travel with a sun hat, especially when visiting tropical destinations. Travel lovers will appreciate this sun hat for preventing sun burns on their trip.

Chaco Sandals // Adventurers need to the right footwear, and I find chacos to be one of the best options. These sandals are great for hiking, water sports and beach days, since they can get wet but stay secure.

Compass Necklace // This compass necklace is an adorable gift that travel lovers would love to wear. Its simple design goes along with many kinds of outfits and is an inspiring reminder of travel.

Sunglasses // I never go anywhere without sunglasses and often bring at least two pairs when i travel. Knockarounds are my favorite brand because they are affordable, but still polarized and good quality.

National Parks Camera Strap // Avid travel photographers will love this National Parks camera strap for their DSLR. It goes great with outdoorsy clothes and fits most cameras.

Travel Shawl // A frequent travel issue I run into is being cold on the plane. I have considered bringing a blanket before, but this shawl is a much better solution. You can wear it as a scarf and then it spreads out into a blanket.

Compression Socks // Another travel issue from flying is swollen legs and feet. If you know someone who has this issue, a thoughtful travel lover gift ideas for them would be compression socks! These can prevent post flight swelling and look cute too.

Travel Slippers // On the other hand, if the travel lover in your life likes to get cozy on the plane, travel slippers make a great gift! These lightweight ones come in a case perfect for on the go and are sure to keep your feet comfy in the air.

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Toiletry Travel Gift Ideas

This next section has lots of stocking stuffers in case you still need more travel lover gift ideas! These are mainly toiletries that might not make the most fun gifts, but your loved one will thank you for them. If you are looking for practical gift ideas that will come in handy, this section should help.

Stress Relief Fragrance // Travel can be stressful at times and this soothing scent is perfect for providing calm to a frequent traveler. This neutral smell can be sprayed on the wrist for a calm and fresh fragrance.

Travel Cologne // For those who prefer an earthier, yet fresh smell, solid travel cologne is also handy. This tin is small and the cologne is a solid that is rubbed on, so you don’t have to worry about leaks.

Travel Hair Dryer // If you know a travel lover that frequents Airbnbs, a portable hair dryer is a convenient present. I always bring this small folding one with me if I am staying outside of a traditional hotel.

Airplane Moisturizing Kit // Airplanes are notorious for drying out skin, so this travel sized moisturizing kit is a hit with travelers. It contains hand and body lotion, lip balm and more to keep you skin nourished after a flight.

Sunscreen // Travelers can never have enough sunscreen, especially if they are in to hiking or water sports! Sun Bum is my favorite brand and you can find it in a variety of sizes and types online or at Target.

Bug Spray // Another stocking stuffer idea for campers is bug spray! Either the spray or the wipes can be convenient when you are out in the woods.

UV Sanitizer Wand // After a year without travel I know many are taking desperate measures to feel safe while doing so again! This UV Sanitizing Wand is great for a germophobe who wants to take an extra step in santizing their belongings.

Face Mask Refreshing Spray // Another pandemic related travel gift is this mask refreshing spray! Wearing a mask all day traveling can take a toll, but this spray freshens up a mask and has a faint lavender smell.

Plastic Free Travel Soap // Lastly for travel toiletries, these plastic free shower essentials make for a unique stocking stuffer. It’s a little soap pod in a water soluble casing so you can bring a small amount of soap with you and not worry about throwing out a plastic container!

The Best Travel Accessories to Gift

Lastly, I wanted to add a section with random travel accessories! Many of these I never take a trip without and others are fun things to have. Any of these last ten travel-lover gift ideas should round out a good travel-themed present.

National Parks Passport // For anyone who dreams of visiting all the National Parks in the United States, this passport is a must! It has a spot for a stamp from each park, so you can track your travels around the country.

Travel Pillow // I know I mentioned a compressible camping pillow before, but a classic neck pillow is always appreciated by frequent travelers. I have a simple one like this and it always makes it more comfortable to rest on the plane.

Insulated Water Bottle // I have my Hydroflask with me at all times, whether I am traveling or not! A nice water bottle like this one is essential to staying hydrated

Portable Neck Fan // Warm weather travelers or those who get too hot on the plane, will appreciate this portable neck fan. If you know a travel lover going to Disney World in the summer, they will forever thank you for this present!

Microfiber Towel // These compact, quick dry microfiber towels are another travel essential I love to use. Hotels always offer the tiniest towels, so bring one of these and you won’t have to worry about drying off at the pool or beach with these super absorbent towels.

Passport Holder // Every travel lover needs a cute passport holder for international getaways! I think these pleather ones are cute, but you can find so many different designs to match the personality of the receiver.

Vaccine Card Holder // Another travel essential these days is a vaccine card holder. I originally thought a combo passport, vaccine card holder would be good, but many cities require you to show your vaccine everywhere to get into attractions and restaurants. A small wallet sized holder like this should be easier to carry around and it fits two so a couple can share!

Phone and Tablet Seat Holder // I’ve seen a lot of people using these air travel screen holders on planes and always am jealous! I finally got one of these and now I can watch TV or movies on my phone without having to hold it the whole flight.

Travel Cocktail Kit // These travel cocktails are an adorable stocking stuffer along with some nips! They contain all the ingredients to make a cocktail on the go.

Athletic Greens Travel Packs // On the other hand, if they are like me, there will be plenty of eating and drinking already on their travels. On my last trip to Seattle, I brought these Athletic Greens and they were a lifesaver for keeping digestion in check with all my unhealthy meals.

Travel Challenges Card Kit // For someone who likes a challenge, this deck of cards has some fun ideas to liven up your trip. You can pull one out each day and get a memorable activity to try for wherever you are!

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I hope these travel lover gift ideas will help you find an amazing present for a friend or loved one this holiday season! As someone who loves to travel myself, I would be happy to find any of these presents under the tree. Let me know if you are planning to gift any of these presents or if you are adding them to your own list!

If you want even more gift ideas, be sure to check out my Florida Gift Idea Guide, which features over 50 Florida-themed presents to give anyone in the Sunshine State.