Trend Kitchen at Indian Harbor Beach Review

It’s been over a month since my birthday, but I have still want to share a review of my wonderful birthday dinner. Andrew and I celebrated at Trend Kitchen, a cozy upscale restaurant in Indian Harbor beach. We have heard about their unique creations and delicious food for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity to go.

If you are looking to have a celebratory meal, this is just the place! The prices are higher than most restaurants in Brevard County, but it’s worth the splurge. Trend Kitchen specializes in contemporary cuisine and offers a mix of classic and exotic menu items.

Trend Kitchen Surf & Turf

Location and Atmosphere

You would never know such a fine dining experience is located in this strip mall if it weren’t for the reputation of Trend Kitchen. This restaurant is in Indian Harbor Beach across from Lowe’s. A simple sign notes the restaurant on the outside, but other than that, it’s hard to know what to expect.

Inside, you will find less than twenty tables and a small bar. The decor is simple and everything is black and white. We had a reservation, which is recommended to have, and sat in a comfy booth by the window.

Everything about Trend Kitchen is very intimate so it’s ideal for a romantic meal. However, they can accommodate large parties with a reservation.

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Drink Options at Trend Kitchen

One things that separates this spot from other local fine dining like Crush Eleven, is the lack of a cocktail menu. Trend Kitchen only serves wine and beer. If you do want a mixed drink, there is a champagne cocktail menu to make up for this.

I was debating getting a champagne cocktail, but when I saw they were $16 a piece, I opted not to. Though the beer list was intriguing with brewery options like Bear Republic Brewing, we settled on a bottle of wine. We got the bottle of Whispering Angel Rose for $40.

Trend Kitchen Menu

The Menu at Trend Kitchen

This restaurant has a small menu, but it was not hard for me to find something I like. There’s nine different appetizers and seven different entrees. Of the entrees, four feature seafood, in addition to one beef, one lamb, and one duck.

Most of the menu items have some spin on a classic. You won’t find many Seafood Cassolette’s that include diced cobia and a truffle cheddar gratinee! This is also probably the only place on the Space Coast where you can find braised Spanish Octopus!

Don’t worry if you are a picky eater though. The steak, rack of lamb, and the fish of the day are pretty standard options, with the sides that come with them being more unique.

Trend Kitchen Salad

The appetizers are pretty varied as well, with a soup, a salad, and then some French cuisine like Foie Gras and Escargot. One of the standouts is the charcuterie and cheese platter, which looked like a masterpiece. I’m hoping to go back there soon to order that!

I have to mention that there aren’t any vegetarian entrees and only one vegetarian appetizer (a corn soup) on the menu. Trend Kitchen may be able to make modifications, but a lot of items don’t really lend themselves to that.

The menu changes regularly though and a couple of the items we ate are already no longer on it. If you are going post-June 2019, it might be worth it to check the menu and see if the selection has improved!

What We Ordered

Sine it was my birthday, we went all out food wise even though I was extremely full by the end. We started with the Brie Salad as an appetizer. I had read that the Truffle Mac and Cheese was amazing and this was listed as a starter. To us, it seemed too heavy of a way to start the meal, so we ordered it as a side.

Trend Kitchen Indian Harbor Beach

Before our salad came, they brought us a complimentary crustless, quiche each. We though this was a nice touch and it had some peppery and smoky flavors. Our salad was even better though as it was a nice selection of greens and roasted papaya, which is something I have never had before! There was a sort of brie toast on the side, and it went well with the salad. We found this appetizer perfect for sharing between two people.

Andrew and I each got something different for dinner. I got the Surf & Turf, which was diver scallops paired with sous vide pork tenderloin. This was on top of polenta and finished with a truffle sauce and asparagus.

I am always a sucker for Surf & Turf, and this different combination was amazing! It was a birthday meal I’ll remember for a long time!

Trend Kitchen Steak

Andrew got the 8 oz Black Beef Filet with a green peppercorn sauce. His meal was also excellently prepared and with a variety of vegetables on the side including brussel sprouts, heirloom carrots, cherry tomatoes and cauliflower, as well as the potato gratin.

Both meals were very large, and bigger than I expected for how high quality they are. For $38 and $42 a piece respectively, this was a splurge, but satisfying on every level.

We also had that side of Truffle Mac and Cheese, which made the meal officially too much food. I loved this though and would probably order it again regardless. You can see from the blurry picture that I was dying to devour this thing.

The truffle flavor is subtle and the addition of mushrooms and ham makes it sooo savory. I could probably eat just this as a meal, as it is some of the best mac and cheese I have had!

Trend Kitchen Mac and Cheese

Our waiter somehow convinced us to get dessert for my birthday, even though I was already full! It’s hard to turn down their signature dessert though. Trend Kitchen is known for its house made chocolate peanut butter bar. This is a combination of chocolate and peanut butter cake with caramel gelato and marshmallows toasted right in front of you!

It’s basically the fanciest candy bar you will ever eat. I had a few bites and was in heaven. Next time I will have to choose either the mac and cheese or the cake because it’s too hard to find room for both!

Know Before You Go

If you want fine dining in Brevard County, there’s nowhere like Trend Kitchen! It may be an unassuming location, but you are in for a memorable dinner here. Before you go, keep these tips in mind.

  • Trend Kitchen is open for dinner 5-9:30 PM Tuesday through Saturday.
  • Reservations are recommended, although there is a bar to sit at as well.
  • Seating is inside only and pets cannot be brought in.
  • Most of the patrons wore casual attire, although given the atmosphere, you probably don’t want to be dressed like you just left the beach.
  • There is no kids menu and barely any vegetarian options. I recommend calling ahead if you want to inquire about dietary requests.
Trend Kitchen Review

Have you ever been to Trend Kitchen before? It definitely is one of my top Space Coast restaurants now! I am really hoping to see them back at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival this year!