Wine Bar George at Disney Springs Review

Wine Bar George is now open and finally completes the Landing of Disney Springs, which has been in construction since 2013. This area occupies what used to be the Pleasure Island nightclubs. There is really no need for night clubs at Disney World in 2018, and I think Disney has done a great job renovating the area to fit more modern demands of craft beverages and foodie restaurants. Wine Bar George fits into this category perfectly as they offer a huge selection of wines (including ten on tap), cocktails, and beer in addition to small plates and shareable entrees.

Wine Bar George Review

Wine Bar George: The Experience

Wine Bar George Review

This is just what Disney Springs needs, since it can be hard commit to only one restaurant! We have found ourselves getting an appetizer at one place and then an entree at another just so we can experience more restaurants. We also have had the issue of going to a restaurant just for drinks and then getting lots of pressure from the waitstaff to order food. Wine Bar George solves both of these problems, as it’s more of a bar than a restaurant.

Wine Bar George Review

We ended up here a few weeks ago after getting rained out of Typhoon Lagoon. This is pretty normal in the summer, and I always plan to head to Disney Springs once the storms start! We were seated on the upper floor, which looks a lot like a trendy loft, at a high top table. I loved the views from the large windows and the casual atmosphere.

Wine Bar George: The Wine

Wine Bar George review

We of course started by checking out the wine selection. They offer wine by the bottle or by the glass, with about ten different types on tap. On tap drinks are a growing trend at Disney Springs, like at the Polite Pig where they have cocktails on tap. Whereas cocktails might just be a time savings for the bar, wine on tap is part of a growing eco-friendly effort that also benefits wine drinkers. Shipping wine in a keg is much easier and requires less packaging than bottles. It can be a lot better for consumers as well since 5% of wine bottles get contaminated in transport, usually through the cork. On tap wine also mitigates the issues of restaurants leaving by-the-glass bottles open too long or wine incurring heat damage. Wine Bar George seems to be very knowledgeable about wine so I doubt that would be an issue here, but it is something to consider and I’m all for supporting sustainable initiatives.

Wine Bar George Review

My mom and I have been on a rose kick this summer. We stuck with that trend and I got the Sabine Rosé which was on tap and she got the Gran Moraine, Yamhill-Carlton. Mine was very crispy with a fruity zest, and my mom’s was similar, but more dry, which she prefers. Andrew and my dad were more in a red wine mood and both got Vezzi Barbara, Piedmont on tap. This red blend was also dry and oak-y, but still very refreshing.

All the on tap wines that we got were $9, and we found it to be a good value, especially this caliber of wines compared to others offered at Disney World. They also sell wine by the bottle for four times the price of a glass, so since a wine bottle typically contains six glasses, the bottle is a good deal if your party plans to consume 6 glasses.

Wine Bar George: The Food

Wine Bar George Review

We had a big lunch so this was just the opportunity to order some of the small plates. We decided to get four different things to go with our wine. First we had the spiced olives which were very salty and delicious. I wish more restaurants offered olives because they go great with wine or cocktails and can be so satisifying! Next we had some Burrata, which was a grilled crostini topped with a huge ball of cheese and tons of juicy cherry tomatoes. This one was kind of hard to share, but we managed to cut it up so everyone could try some of that amazing Burrata.

Wine Bar George Review

Next came the mac and cheese bites and chicken skewers we ordered and both plates were to die for! The mac and cheese bites had the best blend of sharp cheeses in a delicious crispy shell. They also came on top of a tomato sauce that was delightful for dipping. The “bites” were a decent size, probably at least four or five actual bites. On the other hand the chicken skewers only came with three and were a bit on the small side. The flavor was delicious though with a hint of spice along with a sweet sesame flavor. The slaw beneath the skewers complimented them nicely and added a little tanginess to the plate. They were thigh meat with isn’t an issue with us, but I was surprised it didn’t say so on the menu.

Wine Bar George Review

All four appetizers were winners in my book for taste. Value is debatable, as the cheapest plate was the olives at $7 and the Burrata being the highest at $15. You could definitely find cheaper and more filling appetizers elsewhere at Disney Springs. The ambiance was a big factor for me as it was a much more relaxed dining experience than other spots. The cheese board might be a better value at $24 for at least 6 large slices four kinds of cheese, olives, nuts and a basket of bread and crackers. They also offer a version with “artisanal meats” instead of cheese or a combination one for $54.

wine bar george review

The last intriguing option for dining they have are family style plates or skirt steak, chicken or sea bass. We were tempted to just do the skirt steak plate which comes with potatoes and asparagus for $59 instead of all the apps. They say they only serve 2, but I think for a small appetizer meal, four people could easily split it. My family loves variety though so couldn’t resist the different appetizers instead!

Wine Bar George Review

Though it’s on the expensive side, I think Wine Bar George is a great restaurant at Disney Springs for groups as everything is so shareable. It’s also just a way more laid back experience then other places there, as we never felt rushed or pestered. The restaurant was probably three quarters full, but it did not feel loud or crowded in any way. There are so many great options for eating and drinking at Disney Springs now that some of the options just seem unnecessary (Terralina and Mario and Enzo’s for example). However, Wine Bar George adds a lot to the line-up and will appeal to a variety of guests. You can have a full dinner here, just some appetizers like us, or simply a glass of wine, and have a satisfying experience regardless. I can’t wait to go back and try more wine, or possibly get a takeaway picnic basket!

Wine Bar George

There are soooo many restaurants at Disney Springs that it can be overwhelming to decide! For more tips on where to eat at Disney Springs, check out my best restaurants guide here!