Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at Disney Springs Review

Wolfgang Puck has always had a large presence at Disney Springs and this continues with the new Wolf Gang Puck Bar & Grill. In addition to Wolfgang Puck Express at the Marketplace, there used to be a sit down Wolfgang Puck restaurant on the West Side. This spot opened at least twenty years ago as I even remember ordering a PB&J sandwich there at seven years old and being on awe of the double-decker style (a piece of bread between the peanut butter and jelly) that was served. The old venue was really showing its age though, and now they have integrated the new location into the edge of the Town Center area for a much more refined experience.

wolfgang puck buratta

With all the different restaurants here, it’s getting harder for each to distinguish their own style. Wolfgang Puck serves contemporary California/Americans cuisine that will appeal to a broad audience. However it’s high quality ingredients and daring flavor profiles make it worth a visit.

Location and Atmosphere

Wolfgang Puck is very close to the entrance of the Orange Garage and right across from Planet Hollywood. The old spot was replaced by Jaelo, which just opened a few months ago. It blends in a bit with all the brick leading up to the shopping area, but the smell of pizza from the brick oven is very inviting. There are a few seats outside perfect for people watching, but we went on a chilly evening and decided to dine inside.

The inside has a west coast rustic feel that’s very cozy. It’s simple with exposed beams and a few black and white canvases. Some might think this is a bit much, but I think it’s done tastefully and is fitting for Disney Springs. I would compare it to D-Luxe Burger, but a lot more upscale.

Wolfgang Puck Dining Area

Separate from the dining area, is a very large bar where you can see the pizza oven and the chefs preparing them. This would be a great spot to relax if you are just going for drinks and maybe a shared pizza. In the opposite corner is a little gelato bar, that you can order from outside as well.

Drinks at Disney Springs’ Wolfgang Puck

No matter what you like to drink, you will find it at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill! The California dining style is noticeable through the wine and beer list. More than half of the wine selection is from Sonoma or other California locales and the rest are mainly from Italy. The beer list has plenty of West Coast breweries sprinkled in like Rogue Brewing and Ballast Point. However, you can still get some Florida beer, including Cigar City and 3 Daughters.

Wolfgang puck drinks disney springs

The cocktail list is really where it’s at though. We ordered cocktails here and thoroughly enjoyed them. They have classic picks like an Old-Fashioned and a Negroni, as well some options I had never heard of like a Japanese Julep. The cocktails are typical Disney Springs prices of $12- $15. The wine and beer is a bit cheaper at $9- $15 per glass of wine and $8-$14 per pint of beer.

Dining Options

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill is open for lunch and dinner and has a pretty similar menu for both meals. At lunch, the salads, pizzas and pastas are all the same prices as during dinner time. However, there are a few more salad options at lunch and the addition of sandwiches and a burger. It’s a pretty pricey lunch though, as the entrees are still around $20 per person.

wolfgang puck pizza oven

For dinner, there are a few sophisticated entrees, in addition to the pizza and pasta. You can get a salmon, chicken weinerschnitzel, roast chicken or meatloaf dish. These might not sound like “signature dining” meals, but they are executed in a unique way.

I think the pizza or the pasta are the best things to order though. The pasta is especially worthwhile with the variety of cheese and sauces used. Some of the pizza options have some very surprising toppings like dill cream and salmon on one, and shrimp and shishito peppers on another! I’m not a huge fan of seafood on pizza, but I hear they are both amazing. I will have to push my boundaries and try one next time!

wolfgang puck bar & grill disney springs

As for vegetarians, this is one of the better spots at Disney Springs. There are a couple pizza and pasta dishes without meat. although others can be altered. If you are a vegan though, options without cheese are minimal, so you might want to call ahead. The kids menu is pretty basic, but very cheap, with pizza and chicken being the main options. Unfortunately they don’t have that double decker PB&I I loved so much anymore!

Our Meal at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

We started our meal with cocktails because there were just too many options to pass up. I got the Lilly Belle, which is a reference to the Disney World train named after Walt’s wife. This was kind of an Aperol Spritz with a twist. There was gin and sparkling rose instead of Prosecco, in addition to lemon and aperol. This was an excellent mix. It wasn’t too sweet at all and very refreshing.

Andrew went with the Barrel Aged Old-Fashioned, a favorite of his! Here, they make it with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Michter’s Rye and Demerara sugar. You can definitely tell it’s barrel aged from the oak-y flavor. The drink was very smooth and fitting for the atmosphere.

Wolfgang Puck Appetizers

A lot of different things on the menu appealed to us, so we decided to get a few to share. I would actually recommend doing this, especially if you get a pizza. That is because it is pretty filling for two people, but you can get a couple of appetizers or sides with it to make for a more varied meal.

We ordered a burrata to start and the waitress insisted we also the house-made rosemary focaccia. I don’t usually like to pay $5 for bread, but decided to go for it and did not regret it! This bread tasted almost exactly like the bread they have at my favorite restaurant from back home, Not Your Average Joes. If you know me, that is very high praise! It was topped with caramelized onions and came with a fragrant oil to dip it in.

As excited as I was by the bread, the burrata was even better! The accompaniments change, but when we went, it was served with walnuts, prosciutto, arugula, and a sweet jam. If you’ve never had burrata, it is like a mozzarella, but has a creamier, softer texture. This mixed with salty prosciutto and sweet jam is just heavenly! Andrew and I can rarely resist ordering it when we see it.

Wolfgang Puck Ceaser Salad

We also decided to order a pizza and a salad to share. We figured we could take the pizza home if it was too much food. The salad options are kind of limited, so we went for a cesear salad. This was deliciously cheesy and had a nice crostini and anchovies on top. They even topped it with a little paprika, which I thought was a welcome addition.

For our pizza, we went with the Wild Mushroom one. In addition to multiple kinds of mushrooms, there is fontina cheese, garlic and a marjoram herb. This was super savory and flavorful. It is on the heavy side, but that is not surprising considering it is a cheese sauce. We took almost half of it home and were too full for dessert, but still very happy with our experience here.

Wolfgang Puck Mushroom Pizza

Gelato and More at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

I was intrigued by the gelato, so we made a point to come back here. We had a smaller dinner at Frontera Cocina one night and went over to the Wolfgang Puck gelato bar after some shopping. This is a pretty nice setup with about ten flavors and tons of toppings.

When I saw the pieces of fruit in the strawberry gelato, I decided to go with that! I got it simply on a waffle cone with dark chocolate shavings, and it was such an amazing treat. You could just taste how rich the strawberries and the chocolate were. It may be a lot more basic than other dessert places, but it was perfect for a spring night.

Wolfgang Puck Gelato Bar

Andrew opted for the tropical mango sorbet with toasted coconut. This was a super indulgent treat as well and a great mix if you want something really refreshing. At $6.50 for a waffle cone and $5 for a cup, it’s not the cheapest dessert. However, everything is really well done and you can taste the difference, even from other Disney Springs spots. Any ice cream or sherbets options can be ordered from inside the restaurant as well, but I found it nice to walk around with!

Know Before You Go

I was extremely happy with both of our experiences at Wolfgang Puck! They have definitely earned their keep at Disney Springs after all these years. While the gelato bar is great for anytime of day, I think the restaurant is ideal for a date night. It’s a quieter, more subdued restaurant than others at Disney Springs, so definitely check it out if you need a break from Disney World craziness.

  • Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at Disney Springs is open for lunch from 11:00 AM – 4:55 PM and dinner from 5 PM – 11 PM, and the menu is the same all day.
  • You may want to make a reservation here, up to 180 days in advance.
  • The restaurant is located in the town center at Disney Springs and is closest to the Orange Garage.
  • Seating is mainly inside with a small section outside.
  • You do not need a park ticket or hotel reservation to dine here and parking is free.
  • Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill is part of the Disney Dining Plan and costs two table service credits.
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Have you been to any of the Wolfgang Puck restaurants at Disney Springs? There also is a quick service- Wolfgang Puck Express! For more tips on where to eat at Disney Springs, check out my best restaurants guide here!