The Wooden Rooster at St. Petersburg, Florida

During our trip to St. Petersburg, I found the downtown area to be lacking in breakfast options. We went to the Locale Market the first day and the selection was quite limited. However, the second day we found the Wooden Rooster and I’m convinced it’s the one of the best places for breakfast in St. Petersburg.

wooden rooster st petersburg florida

Location and Atmosphere

The Wooden Rooster is a counter-service restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are just a block away from South Straub Park and very close to water. I actually ran by it on a morning jog all the way up to the Vinoy Park Beach. If you like to run, this was a wonderful jogging path with great views!

wooden rooster st petersburg florida

When we got here around 9:30 AM on a Sunday there was a bit of a line but it moved quickly. There are a few tables outside but mainly bench style seating inside. We had no problem finding room for our party of 5 and loved the decor inside. It feels like are in an adorable country kitchen!

The Crepes at The Wooden Rooster

We went for breakfast so my whole family and I opted for crepes. They have sweet and savory ones. You can choose any of the menu options on regular, buckwheat or gluten free crepes. However, you can also get anything on a baguette or 9 grain bread if you prefer a sandwich.

I love mushrooms so I went with The Burg on buckwheat. This crepe had caramelized onions, mushrooms, scrambled eggs and Asiago cheese. I found it to be a delicious and filling breakfast!

wooden rooster st petersburg florida

The asiago added a nice sharpness to the eggs and mushrooms. The caramelized onions really tie the dish together perfectly. And the buckwheat crepe was light and flavorful. This reminded me a lot of crepes I have had in the past at La Crepe de France.

My sister got the Berrylicious, which was another stand-out dish. It was filled with berries and ricotta and then topped with almonds, honey and raspberry could. This crepe was perfectly sweet and tart. Nancy was worried it wouldn’t be filling enough, but the nuts were plentiful and the crepe was large enough as well to make for a sufficient breakfast.

wooden rooster st petersburg florida

I know the rest of my family got crepes, but I can’t remember which one and they all photographed very similarly from the outside. I will say that everyone enjoyed their meal and were very satisfied with the amount of food for the price. My Dad tends to be skeptical of just a crepe for a meal, thinking it won’t be a big enough breakfast. However, even he was very happy with the meal.

Other Options at The Wooden Rooster

As I mentioned earlier, any crepe meal can also be turned into a sandwich. There are eight $9 “breakfast” options, eleven $10 savory options and eight $9 sweet options. You can order any of these at any time of day though.

Another popular option is to make your own crepe. They have a huge list of items to add to design pretty much any crepe imaginable. If you aren’t feeling a crepe or a sandwich, the only other options are a seasonal salad or a seasonal soup. When I was there the options were a tomato basil bisque and a salad with avocado, sprouts and cucumbers.

wooden rooster st petersburg florida

For drinks, The Wooden Rooster offers all sorts of coffee from espresso to cold brew to lattes. You can also get craft beer, wine, mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. They are even open until 11 PM on Saturdays if you want a snack and a late night drink.

Know Before You Go

The Wooden Rooster was one of those places that we just stumbled on and I am so we happy we did. It’s a very affordable and fresh option for any time of day.

  • The cafe opens at 7 AM every day and closes at 9 PM Monday-Thursday, 11 PM on Friday and Saturday and 4 PM on Sunday
  • There is Happy Hour from 7 PM to close where you can get half off beer and wine
  • Entrees range from $8 to $10, although create your own crepes start at $8 and increase $1.25 per topping
  • The coffee is a lot cheaper than Starbucks at under $4 for every beverage. Alcoholic beverages range from $6 to $8
  • Seating is mainly indoors with a few spots outside
  • Orders are taken at a counter and then brought to your table
  • There is one location in Downtown St. Pete and now a new location in Seminole
the wooden rooster st petersburg

I find crepes to be an underrated meal. They can vary so much in flavors and can be hearty or light depending on the ingredients. The Wooden Rooster has absolutely delicious crepes, so check it out next time you are in St. Petersburg!