Yachtsman Steakhouse

This has to be my favorite restaurant at Disney World. It is a signature restaurant at my favorite hotel at Disney world, the Yacht and Beach club, so this should not come as much a surprise. This is where my sister currently works and she said my family could not miss it on their trip in February. So after a full day at Epcot, we got all dressed up and went here to eat.blogger image 1545668505

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I could not resist wearing a nautical Lilly Pulitzer dress for this dinner. I wore the same one I wore to graduation, the Kirkland dress in booze cruise tango orange print. This is one of my lesser worn Lilly dresses because it really only works for fancy occasions. I’ve tried to we are it in a few casual situations but I have not been able to make it work. I tend to over wear my Lilly’s so this is probably for the better! It did end up being the perfect graduation dress, everyone loved the color and design. With this dress tonight, I wore the Kiel James Patrick pearl necklace and bracelet.blogger image 1523139285These pieces matched my dress and the restaurant perfectly and I loved how my outfit went along with the theme of the resort.
blogger image 1274292061But onto the more important part of the meal-the food! This place is known for its amazing steak selection, so we all went with steak this evening. The menu frequently changes to have different steak options, but it always has classics like filet mignon and prime rib. Andrew and I were torn between getting our own options or sharing the porterhouse for two. I was more inclined to the filet mignon and he was interested in Kansas City strip steak, so we picked our own and did not regret it!
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blogger image 1877621946My filet mignon was cooked perfect and I loved the twice baked potato that came on the side. However, Andrews was the clear winner, this strip steak is aged for 21 days and creates a flavor beyond anything I have ever tried! It was really amazing! It was also a huge portion, 18oz, and Andrew was so happy to have this much delicious steak. I hope this strip steak stays on the menu for a while, because he cannot stop talking about how he wants to get it again!blogger image 1705935254
We were on the Disney Dining plan, which includes dessert, even though most of us were too full for it. I got the chocolate peanut cake with salted caramel gelato and it was also amazing! It tasted like a fancy take 5 candy bar. I ate almost the whole thing and even though I did not think I could fit a bite more. It was delicious, but I don’t think I could recommending anyone getting to after such a filling dinner. We had an amazing time though at this restaurant, it is truly one of Disney worlds best ones!