Yesake at Disney Springs Review

I am finally reviewing a Disney Springs spot that I have been wanting to try for at least a year. Yesake was one of the first food stand restaurants to open and I was eager to try their create-your-own poke bowls. Andrew and I love poke so we came to this restaurant for a well deserved meal after our Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend.

yesake at disney springs

Yesake location

You can find Yesake in the area around Planet Hollywood and AMC Theaters. It is just a short walk from the orange garage and had tables overlooking the Disney Springs Landing. They have a standard menu of rice bowls, wraps and noodle bowls, as well as some seasonal options.

They are entirely outside, which is the main reason we had not gotten around to going. I swear it rains every time I go to Disney World! It even started drizzling while we were eating here, but luckily not enough to be an issue. Yesake does have to have to-go boxes if you want to take your food somewhere indoors though!

yesake at disney springs

However, when we got there, it was extremely warm and sunny. We decided to try the Kirin Frozen Draft Beer and the Apple Cinnamon Sangria for some refreshment. Then for entrees, we shared a Build Your Own Poke bowl and the Harvest Fresh Bowl.

Drinks at Yesake

The drinks were served immediately while our bowls were assembled. They were both seriously delicious! The frozen head on the beer really quenched my thirst and elevated it from a basic light beer. The sangria was even better though with its warm spices adding balancing out the fruity wine.

yesake at disney springs

We have actually stopped here once before in the summer for slushies. They serve a variety of alcoholic slushies if you are looking for something to cool off with. We got the Strawberry Bourbon Sour Slushies and they were so good! The right amount of sour and sweet, but also very strong. I remember we were drinking them while in line for Sprinkles and I was feeling a bit buzzed by the time I got my cupcake!

Yesake also has tropical rum and sake slushies, cranberry sake slushies, and green tea sake slushies. They sell non-alcoholic versions of these too. Like I said, they are very cold and very strong so I’m sure one drink would be plenty, or you could share one!

yesake at disney springs

The sake slushies all are under $11 which is such a bargain. The France pavilion charges $11 for their martini slushies which are barely eight ounces of beverage. So here you can have double the amount for the same price.

Food at Yesake

We have had a lot of poke bowls so I was curious to see if this one would live up to our standards. It totally did and was an extremely fresh meal. Our bowl came with tuna, avocado, seaweed salad, tempura crunch, and carrots.

menu at yesake at disney springs
The Menu at Yesake

We also added the spicy poke sauce and the sweet vidalia onion sauce on the side so we could try both. The sauces were delicious and added a zest to the poke and rice. Yesake offers six different kinds of sauces and nineteen toppings, so you really can make it however you want!

The Harvest Fresh Bowl was very impressive as well. This is definitely the healthiest meal I have seen at Disney Springs and it’s only $12! It was extremely filling too.

yesake at disney springs

Part of that was because there is jasmine rice hiding under the lettuce! It was a small amount that I found to be a pleasant surprise. The chicken, cranberries and almonds all went well with the lettuce and rice. After a weekend of eating at the Food and Wine Festival, a healthy salad like this was much needed!

This ended up being the perfect lunch for us. We had such a great time enjoying our drinks and fresh food right by the water of Disney Springs. The fast and friendly service was icing on the cake.

Know Before You Go

A food stand like Yesake is appealing for so many reasons at Disney Springs. I would recommend eating here if:

  • You like Asian inspired flavors
  • You want a quick meal
  • You want a cheap meal
  • You want to eat outside
  • You do not have a reservation at any table service restaurants
  • You like to create-your-own meal
yesake at disney springs

I think everyone can find something to enjoy at Yesake. They even have a kids meal where you can get smaller create-your-own versions of wraps or rice bowls. The entrees can all be customized to fit any dietary needs and most of the menu is on the healthy side.

Let me know if you enjoy this hidden gem Disney Springs spot as much as I do! For more tips on where to eat at Disney Springs, check out my best restaurants guide here!